Englischtext über Aufstände in London - wo ist die Metapher?

vom 26.10.2011, 15:32 Uhr

Morgen wollen wir einen Artikel in Englisch besprechen zum Thema "Aufstände in London". Es handelt sich dabei um ein Statement von Russel Brand. Ich habe jedoch schon das, was ich für nicht besonders wichtig hielt, rausgenommen und einige Vokabeln übersetzt. Der Text ist für Schüler gar nicht so einfach zu verstehen meiner Meinung nach, aber dafür gibt es ja Wörterbücher. :wink: Ich stelle den gekürzten Text mit Übersetzung am besten gleich hier rein:

This week’s riots are sad and frightening and if I have by virtue of my temporary displacement forgone (vorausgehen) the right to speak about the behaviour of my countrymen then this is gonna be irksome (lästig), I mean even David Cameron came back from his holiday. Eventually. The Tuscan truffles lost their succulence (Saftigkeit) when the breaking glass became too loud to ignore. Then dopey (blöd )ol’ Boris came cycling back into the London clutter with his spun gold hair and his spun shit logic as it became apparent that the holiday was over.

In fact it isn’t my absence from the territory of London that bothers me it’s my absence from the economic class that are being affected that itches in my gut because as I looked at the online incident maps the boroughs (Bezirke) that were suffering all, for me, had some resonance. I’ve lived in Dalston, Hackney, Elephant, Camden and Bethnal Green. I grew up round Dagenham and Romford and whilst I could never claim to be from the demographic most obviously affected I feel guilty that I’m not there now.

I feel proud to be English, proud to be a Londoner (alright an Essex boy) never more so than since being in exile and I naturally began to wonder what would make young people destroy their communities.

I have spoken to mates in London and Manchester and they sound genuinely frightened and hopeless and the details of their stories place this outbreak beyond the realms (Bereiche) of any political idealism or rationalisation. But I can’t, from my ivory tower (Elfenbeinturm) in the Hollywood Hills, compete with the understandable yet futile (nutzlos) rhetoric, describing the rioters as mindless. Nor do I want to dwell on (herumreiten) the sadness of our beautiful cities being tarnished and people’s shops and livelihoods, sometimes generations old, being immolated. The tragic and inevitable deaths ought (sollten) be left for eulogies and grieving. Tariq Jahal has spoken so eloquently from his position of painful proximity (Nähe), with such compassion that nearly all else is redundant (überflüssig).

The only question I can legitimately ask is; why is this happening? Mark Duggan’s death has been badly handled but no one is contesting that is a reason for these conflagrations beyond the initial flash of activity in Tottenham. I’ve heard Theresa May and the Old Etonians whose hols have been curtailed (gekürzt) (many would say they’re the real victims) saying the behaviour is “unjustifiable” and “unacceptable”. Wow! Thanks guys! What a wonderful use of the planet’s fast depleting (aufbrauchen) oxygen resources, now that’s been dealt with can we move onto more taxing matters like whether or not Jack The Ripper was a ladies man? And what the hell do bears get up to in those woods?

However “unacceptable” and “unjustifiable” it might be, it has happened so we better accept it and whilst we can’t justify it we should kick around a few neurons and work out why so many people feel utterly disconnected from the cities they live in.

Unless on the news tomorrow it’s revealed (zeigen) that there’s been a freaky “criminal creating” chemical leak in London AND Manchester AND Liverpool AND Birmingham that’s causing young people to spontaneously and simultaneously violate their environments – in which case we can park the ol’ brainboxes, stop worrying and get on with the football season, but, if as I suspect, there hasn’t, we have, as Human Beings, got a few things to consider (nachdenken)together.

I should here admit that I have been arrested for criminal damage for my part in anti capitalist protest earlier in this decade. I often attended protests and then, in my early twenties, and on drugs, I enjoyed it when the protests lost direction and became chaotic, hostile even. I was intrigued by the anarchist “Black-Block”, hooded and masked, as in retrospect, was their agenda but was more viscerally affected by the football “casuals” who’d turn up because the veneer of the protest’s idealistic objective gave them the perfect opportunity to wreck stuff and have a row with the Old Bill.

That was never my cup of tea though. For one thing policeman are generally pretty good fighters and secondly it registered that the accent they shouted at me with was closer to my own than that of some of those singing about the red flag making the wall of plastic shields between us seem thinner. I found those protests exciting, yes because I was young and a bit of a twerp but also, I suppose, because there was a void (Leere) in me. A lack of direction, a sense that I was not invested in the dominant culture, that Government existed not to look after the interests of the people it was elected to represent but the big businesses that they were in bed with.

I felt that, and I had a Mum that loved me, a Dad that told me that nothing was beyond my reach, an education, a grant from Essex council (to train as an actor of all things!!!) AND several charities that gave me money for maintenance. I shudder to think how disenfranchised (entrechtet)I would have felt if I had been deprived of that long list of privileges.

That state of deprivation (Entbehrung) though, is of course, the condition that many of those rioting endure as their unbending reality. No education, a weakened family unit, no money and no way of getting any. JD Sports is probably easier to desecrate if you can’t afford (sich leisten) what’s in there and the few poorly paid jobs there are taken. Amidst (inmitten) the bleakness of this social landscape, squinting(blinzeln) all the while in the glare of a culture that radiates ultra-violet consumerism and infra-red celebrity. That daily, hourly, incessantly enforces the egregious (unerhört, krass), deceitful message that you are what you wear, what you drive, what you watch and what you watch it on, in livid, neon pixels. The only light in their lives comes from these luminous corporate messages. No wonder they have their fucking hoods up.

I remember David Cameron saying “hug a hoodie” but I haven’t seen him doing it, why would he? Hoodies don’t vote, they’ve realised it’s pointless, that whoever gets elected will just be a different shade of the “we don’t give a toss about you party.”

Politicians don’t represent the interests of people that don’t vote. They barely care about the people who do vote. They look after the corporations who get them elected. Cameron only spoke out against News International when it became evident to us, US, the people, not to him, (like Rose West, “He must’ve known”) that the Newspapers Murdoch controlled were happy to desecrate (schänden) the dead in the pursuit of another exploitative, distracting story. Why am I surprised that these young people behave destructively, “mindlessly”, motivated only by self-interest? How should we describe the actions of the city bankers that brought our economy to it’s knees in 2010? Altruistic? mindful? Kind? But then again, they do wear suits, so they deserve to be bailed out, perhaps that’s why not one of them has been imprisoned. And they got away with a lot more than a few fucking pairs of trainers. These young people have no sense of community because they haven’t been given one. They have no stake in society because Cameron’s mentor Margaret Thatcher told us there’s no such thing.

If we don’t want our young people to tear apart (auseinanderreißen) our communities then don’t let people in power tear apart the values that hold our communities together.

As you have by now surely noticed, I don’t know enough about politics to ponder (durchdenken) a solution and my hands are sticky with blood money from representing corporate interests through film, television and commercials, venerating, through my endorsements and celebrity, products and a lifestyle that contributes to (beisteuern zu) the alienation (Entfremdung) of an increasingly dissatisfied underclass. But I know, as we all intuitively know that the solution is all around us and it isn’t political, it is spiritual. Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

In this simple sentiment (Ansicht) we can find hope, as we can in the efforts of those cleaning up the debris (Schutt) and ash in bonhomous, broom-wielding posse’s. If we want to live in a society where people feel included, we must include them, where they feel represented, we must represent them and where they feel love and compassion for their communities then we, the members of that community, must find love and compassion for them. As we sweep away the mistakes made in the selfish, nocturnal darkness we must ensure (sicherstellen) that amidst the broken glass and sadness we don’t sweep away the youth lost amongst the shards in the shadows cast by the new dawn.

Wenn ihr die Geduld habt, euch das durchzulesen, wäre ich euch sehr dankbar. Ich habe immerhin schon einiges an Übersetzung geleistet, sodass euch das Lesen hoffentlich leichter fallen wird als mir. Unser Lehrer meinte, in dem Text befinde sich eine "wundervolle" Metapher, die wir analysieren sollen. Jedoch bin ich trotz aufmerksamen Lesens auf keine Metapher gestoßen, weshalb ich gerade nicht weiterkomme. Es wäre schön, wenn ihr mir beim Suchen helfen könntet, die Analyse übernehme ich natürlich selbst. :lol:

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Ich kann mich noch ganz gut an die damaligen Unruhen und Aufstände in England erinnern und habe auch mal deinen Englischtext überflogen, aber so gut sind meine Englischkenntnisse wohl auch nicht, denn eine "wundervolle" Metapher habe ich nicht herausfinden können. Aber Russel Brand ist ja als fanatischer Kapitalismuskritiker und -gegner bekannt und wahrscheinlich muss man wohl in dieser Richtung mal suchen.


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